“As soon as you understand workflows and how to set them up, Penneo is not a difficult product to use. Once the workflows are created, it goes smoothly.” – Mie Poulsen, Business Developer in Credit Development at Jyske Bank


About Jyske Bank

Jyske Bank was founded in 1967 and is now the third largest bank on the Danish market, with approximately 3,420 full-time employees ​(end of Q2 2020). The bank provides financial solutions for private customers and companies, offering a range of banking products, including savings and loans, mortgages, private banking, offshore banking and business banking.

Although Jyske Bank’s business area is primarily in Denmark, it also has a business-oriented branch in Hamburg and offers investment advisory services to international private banking clients as well.

Jyske Bank, like many other organizations, is embracing digitization in its daily business in order to speed up processes and increase efficiency. Nonetheless, some customer groups and departments of the company were struggling with the original digital solution that Jyske Bank had for signing and managing documents and they had to start looking for ways to take action on this.

This issue was accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis when even more documents and contracts needed to be handled digitally. Jyske Bank recognized the need for a new digital solution that would allow optimizing processes related to signing and managing documents, as well as finding a tool that could complement their current solution and provide everyone involved with a great experience.

The right solution would have to be one that could address a three-folded challenge.




• Inefficient & time-consuming processes

Jyske Bank was at the time already using a system for managing their processes and workflows; however, this system would often end up being more time-consuming than helpful. With a solution that in some situations was inefficient on its own and did not live up to their expectations, the bank needed a new solution that would be efficient, easy to use, and help them save time.


• Business customer experience

In light of accelerated digitization trends, Jyske Bank needed a solution to complement their current solutions and help optimize the way it sent and got documents signed by certain customer groups, while also improving the overall ​signing experience. With the setup it had at the time, some of the bank’s ​customer groups and internal departments weren’t able to sign and manage documents ​which was becoming a real issue.


• Security & compliance

Being a financial institution, Jyske Bank is subject to several regulations and would therefore require a solution that would be able to meet its security and compliance requirements.

The right solution can make a difference in how a company manages its processes, both internally and externally. After careful consideration, Jyske Bank decided to implement the Penneo solution, as it could cover the needs mentioned above.




• Increased efficiency & time savings

With Penneo, Jyske Bank can easily send documents for digital signing and keep track of progress in our platform. Sending documents via Penneo significantly reduces the time between when a document is sent and returned with a signature. This makes the process of signing and managing documents much more efficient and helps the bank save time spent on manual work related to printing, signing, and scanning or mailing documents. Beyond that, one of the greatest takeaways from using Penneo is the ability to bundle documents and that there is no limit on the number of signatories.


• Improved business customer experience

Jyske Bank’s customers can easily sign any document they receive from anywhere and on any device. Furthermore, Penneo offers a secure signing solution via MitID, the Danish eID, which many of the bank’s customer groups are already familiar with and have likely used it before to perform digital transactions or identify themselves online. This means that the company’s customers have a fast, easy, and efficient way of signing documents via a method they are accustomed to – making the entire customer experience a much smoother one.

Additionally, as Jyske Bank is a Danish bank and serves primarily Danish customers and employees, the fact that the Penneo solution is fully available in Danish is a great benefit for Jyske Bank and a contributing factor to why the company has chosen Penneo. The platform itself, the onboarding process, and customer service are all offered in Danish, so both Jyske Bank and its customers can effortlessly navigate through the system and be reassured that all communication is available in their native language.

“After we had discovered the need to supplement our current solution with another for our business customers, the choice was between different suppliers, ​all of which meet our minimum requirements for compliance and security. ​We chose Penneo due to the ability to bundle documents and because there is no limit on the number of signatories. In addition, we see great opportunities in the form solution and we are very satisfied with both their support function and in fact our entire onboarding process, which has been a really good experience.” – Mie Poulsen, Business Developer in Credit Development at Jyske Bank

“We had various problems with our previous solution and I am convinced that Penneo could be a great success for both new and existing clients!” – Niclas Wind Tofte, Business Advisor at Jyske Bank


• Strengthened security & compliance

The Penneo solution enables Jyske Bank to reach the highest level of security and compliance in document transactions and management – both internally and externally. As Penneo is already compliant with many of the regulations the bank is subject to such as KYC/AML and GDPR – it is possible for Jyske Bank to simply rely on Penneo’s compliance and be confident that when using our platform it is automatically managing data in a secure and compliant way.

The bank can safely store documents in Penneo and set up user roles and access control, so only employees who should have access to client data and other documentation will actually have access to the information.

As part of the implementation process, Jyske Bank was provided with an onboarding session at one of its offices, where employees across departments and locations participated.

The onboarding session provided the team at Jyske Bank with an in-depth overview of the solution and its features and use cases. Done in collaboration with a couple of employees at Jyske Bank already proficient in using Penneo, the onboarding provided the participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to become ambassadors of Penneo in the company and help the rest of their colleagues make the most out of what Penneo has to offer.

“The best bit is that users get the training when they need it in the system they work on day to day. Penneo will save us time and more importantly reduced errors.” – Jyske Bank workshop Participant

“It’s great that Penneo can help make life easier for bank employees and their customers.” – Jyske Bank workshop Participant

A testament to Penneo’s ease of use, Jyske Bank started using the platform shortly after the agreement was signed.

The onboarding session made it even easier for the employees at Jyske Bank to engage with the solution and facilitated their learning process. They are now better equipped to take advantage of our solution and offer their business customers a better experience when signing documents digitally.

The initial collaboration between Jyske Bank and Penneo has proven to be successful, with future use cases already in the works. Going forward, the bank expects to expand its use of Penneo and integrate our solution into their current systems to enable it to automate its processes and workflows even further.

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