It has always been paramount for Fineko to remain a competitive company and digitalization was becoming a priority. Some processes like signature tracking were becoming problematic and needed to be improved.

Fineko, like many accountancy firms, struggled with the number of manual tasks they had to do throughout the day.

“Before we used Penneo, our colleagues had a lot of work to do to check up on our customers to return the signed documents.” – Stijn de Prins, Partner at Fineko



After some research, Fineko decided to implement Penneo Sign.

The user-friendly interface for both users and clients was a key component in the decision process. The ability to set simple and advanced signing flows and to set up automatic reminders is optimizing internal processes.

Fineko wanted to allow its customers and business partners to sign digitally with itsme® from any place and any device.

“In Belgium, almost everyone actually has itsme® installed on their mobile phone.” – Stijn de Prins, Partner at Fineko




The adoption of Penneo Sign has been beneficial for Fineko as its employees are now able to focus on their customers in part because of the time they have been able to save through automatic reminders.

“By using Penneo, our colleagues have a lot more time on their hands. They actually spend less time checking who has signed and who has not, also due to the fact that these documents actually arrive automatically, that certain internal processes and tasks are then checked off automatically, which means that our colleagues actually have more time to give targeted advice to their customers.” – Stijn de Prins, Partner at Fineko

Manual processes are now less time-consuming thanks to Penneo, and Fineko can see a speed of execution, especially when it comes to annual reporting.

“The annual accounts are now being completed at a great pace, while last year we were still at a fairly low ebb. We are now actually at 75% of last year’s volume so towards the end of the period we will probably easily reach 150% to 200% actually.” – Stijn de Prins, Partner at Fineko

At Penneo we take our customers’ feedback very seriously and we regularly ask them to help us to improve the quality of our solutions in order to remain their best digital partner.

“It is always nice to have a good sparring partner, so Penneo is very open to that as well, so all suggestions and remarks about the current product are always accepted with thanks and there is always positive feedback, and where possible some adjustments are made as well. So that is actually the strength of Penneo, to be big, or bigger, but still small in terms of approach.” – Stijn de Prins, Partner at Fineko


About Fineko

Fineko is an organization that has been running for more than 25 years. They have 3 offices in Genk, Hasselt, and Leuven, and employ around a hundred people. The company offers a broad range of services, from accounting and bookkeeping to tax and legal advisory, as well as corporate finance.

Fineko’s structure is organized to maintain personal contact with its customers.

“Thanks to our high-quality accountants, we have actually been able to develop a nice range of services for our clients. This enables us to relieve the client at every stage in his life.” – Stijn de Prins, Partner at Fineko

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