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Med Penneo blir signering 100% digitalt. For å gjøre en lang historie kort: du får dine dokumenter signert uten å bruke papir. Det er bedre for miljøet, raskere, enklere og i tillegg til det mye sikrere og compliant.

Penneo funksjoner og fordeler

Automation guarantees that recurrent signing processes are executed smoothly while making sure to gain in productivity.

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Signing documents digitally is a core part of any business with up to date procedures. That's why it should be easy and functional to do it.

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A great solution should be easily integrated with other softwares. Strong integrations allow to automate business processes and avoid the risk of human error.

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Delivering a personal experience matters. Having ownership of both email communication and signing experience is a must for customers.

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Filling in information and signing forms can be a hassle. Making forms processed digitally facilitate signature flows and data post-processing.

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Workflows shouldn't just sit unattended, because a colleague leaves for vacation. Documents often needs to be shared with colleagues or people outside your organization.

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Advanced types of signature like cryptographic signature provide a good assurance with important information such as signer's identity.

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From authentication to encryption, everything provided is following the highest security standards.

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Reporting and keeping documentation about signing processes are as important as signing processes themselves.

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