Guide: Trends & Technologies for the Legal Industry

Did you know that a single lawyer typically generates 20K to 100K printed pages per year?

The legal profession has historically been heavily paper-reliant, change-averse, and, therefore, behind the innovation curve. But in an increasingly saturated legal services market, firms worldwide need to find new ways to stand out in the crowd. And that’s where LegalTech comes into play.

By 2025, legal departments are going to triple their spending on digital solutions to become more efficient and competitive on the global map. Yet, the attention to data protection and cybersecurity remains top of mind when picking digital tools.

How can you trust software providers and make sure their services are compliant? What are the top tools that modern legal officers can’t do without?

This guide outlines LegalTech trends and modern clients’ demands to help you plan safe investments, make your business more agile, and your customers more satisfied.

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Penneo Sign

Få dokumenter signert raskere. Innsamle alle nødvendige informasjoner, og administrer dokumenter og workflows på en enkel og compliant måte.

Penneo KYC

Automatiser din onboarding av nye klienter og AML-prosessen. Samle klient-dokumentasjon og utfør risikovurderinger på en sikker og effektiv måte.