Automate your contract lifecycle from document creation to signing and storage in Documendo

Penneo partnered with Documendo to make it easier to handle your document workflows and mass mailings.

With the integration between Documendo & Penneo Sign, you can create dynamic documents in a guided flow and send them out for secure digital signing conveniently and efficiently.

You get an integrated solution for:

  • Document automation

    You can easily tailor your document templates to each specific case, request other colleagues to contribute to its finalization, and/or ask for a review to get your document approved. Finally, the documents are sent out for secure signing via Penneo and received back in Documendo for storage.

  • Mass mailing

    With the same convenience, you can automatically send the same document to hundreds or thousands of recipients for signing or personalize the document for each recipient with merged information. You can also ask the recipients to add information to the document before signing.

You will:

  • Save up to 90% of the time spent creating every document, alone or with your colleagues
  • Minimize errors and improve efficiency and productivity with mass mailing
  • Get all your documents signed securely via Penneo directly from Documendo

Spend your time on what matters to you and creates the most value for your clients.

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and how Penneo can help your organization.


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