Streamline Anti-Money Laundering compliance

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Penneo CLA

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Compliant in just a few minutes

We make Anti-Money Laundering compliance easy.

Ownership documentation

Check your customer's real owners via our integration with the business registers.

Identity documentation

Click the "Collect" button and sit back while our system guides your customer through submitting the required documentation. End-to-end encrypted, of course.

Risk assessment

Our system asks the necessary questions and helps you make a well-informed and documented risk assessment of your customer.

ERP Integration

Integrate with ERP systems

If you already have customer information in e-conomic or Navokat, it only takes a few clicks to import all customers.

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Keep track of all interactions

The activity log helps you keep track of all the interactions that you or your customer have carried out throughout your relationship.

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Keep track of all interactions
Easier for your customer

Make it easy for your customer

No need to collect more than is absolutely necessary. Send a request with all the documents you need, and our system will guide your customer through the submission process. End-to-end encrypted, of course.

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Are you prepared for an unexpected inspection?


Our system helps you keep track of your obligations when the authorities come knocking.