Penneo: the chain of transparency – How our customers gain value?

Published Date: 23 December 2019

In the past blog-post we described the Penneo values and how transparency is key to create a working environment where everyone is involved and encouraged to innovate and optimize our services to make our customers more efficient.

So how do we pass transparency on to Penneo’s customers and in turn – their clients?  Arguably it is somewhat constructed to automatically occur behind the scenes and may go unnoticed for the user, which is a value in itself, and the value increases when we can apply that value in the customer’s chain towards their clients.


Firstly, in a digital document chain, the decision-making roles within a company become truly transparent as the accountable roles will be displayed visually in email chains or when creating routing paths. Whereas manually signed documents upon completion, often are copied and stored in binders on various shelves, where only the people with that particular knowledge know where they can be found.

Secondly, the customer’s chain of transparency can then be utilized when engaging with their clients. And the digital chain can evolve freely without the unnecessary hassle of paper-constructed boundaries which are hard to maintain.


In Penneo we believe in organizing people with simplicity and security as foundation – through interconnections in a structured and automatic manner. 

The chain of transparency with Penneo, establishes accountability and it discloses a company’s lines of authority and decision-making power, which is easily tied into the Penneo customer’s clients and their digital chain. 

A proper Penneo chain can ensure that every task, job position and department has an automatic route that manages the workflow in an effective way where all is connected.


What the future holds

The future holds out hope for innovative organizational structures that better serve the needs of employees, organizations, and the marketplace. The rise in popularity of digitalisation and remote employees further increases the need for transparent structures. Digital solutions are not set out to solve it all but it is a vital step in the right direction, which is why Penneo sales ideologies, steps and transparency – meaning what WE communicate, share and why – will be further described in upcoming blog-post.