Perks and Power of Hiring and Onboarding Digitally

Published Date: 10 October 2019

If you’re in charge of your company’s recruiting and onboarding, then you know that attracting and retaining top talent is more difficult than ever.

To attract top talent, companies need modern, sophisticated – and digital – recruiting and onboarding processes. This is partly because the majority of the workforce are digital natives who expect their work environments to reflect a hyper-connected world. However, despite the increasing need for digitization in recruiting and onboarding, many companies still have highly manual processes and legacy systems of agreement. Why is that?


Here are some of the perks and power moves with digitizing a hiring flow 

  • Perk: It is possible to prebuilt offer letter templates and personalize quickly and send them off electronically to candidates for review before signing. 
  • Power: You need to provide a hiring and onboarding experience that meets today’s consumer expectations of fast, digital and easy.  
  • Perk: Collect electronic signatures on offer letters. Signers can view and electronically sign offer letters from any computer or mobile device instantaneously. 
  • Power: Integration is another power-perk which is often not recognised. Integrating systems allow HR staff to complete the entire process within a single platform, saving time and reducing errors. (As a result of adopting this solution, Penneo can decreased its HR staff-to-employee ratio). 
  • Power: Digital onboarding enables new candidates to have a modern and smooth new-hire experience and you, the hiring team, can automate the process and save time. 
  • Perk: When the right candidate is found, it is important to get the employment contract signed quickly. With digital signature you can get the contract signed and returned in a few minutes. And of course you can attach staff manual, employment terms and similar documents, so the new colleague is completely up-to-date before starting.
  • Power: Make your employee experience a competitive advantage by creating a frustration-free experience for your candidates and employees.


In conclusion

We’re surrounded by technology on a daily basis, and yet most of the time, we don’t know how it works or how to truly benefit from it. Throughout the hire-to-retire process, the management of documents can take more than 4th of your time, making it harder to focus and find time to the things that matter—hiring, retaining, and developing talent.


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