Delacour Optimizes Signature Flows with Penneo

Hanne from Delacour

"Penneo has saved us a lot of time since only one person is now in charge of signing flows. The documents no longer have to be printed, scanned, or/and sent out by mail. This has also helped us cut down costs since Penneo is cheaper than postage."

Hanne Holmberg Fjord, IT Support and Translator at Delacour

About Delacour

Delacour is one of Denmark's largest law firms. The company caters to both corporate and public sector customers. Their objective is to be the preferred company that businesses turn to for legal services and advice. In 2015, Delacour made yet another step towards meeting this objective by digitizing and automating their signing flows with Penneo.

Update: Delacour was acquired by DLA Piper, a multinational law firm, in 2018.

The story of Delacour

Delacour saves time and money with Penneo

Both Delacour and DLA Piper have always valued efficiency. With Penneo, Delacour has significantly reduced administrative burdens. On top of that, the new digital signing flow is now handled by only one person instead of an entire team.

With Penneo, Delacour can create custom signing flows for customers to ensure the document reaches the right signatories in a specific order. Moreover, Delacour can schedule automated email reminders for documents pending signature.

Penneo's digital signature and automated custom flows helped Delacour save time and cut down paper, ink, and postage costs.

Penneo seamlessly integrates with Capto Advo+

Capto Advo+ is a law practice management software that Delacour uses on a daily basis. Penneo seamlessly integrates with the software and allows Delacour to collect digital signatures and verify customer identity (KYC) directly in Capto Advo+.

To help Delacour employees get the most of it, Penneo organized a workshop where they explained the full extent of the integration and how it fits in their daily workflows.

What did Delacour achieve with Penneo?

Penneo's integration with Capto Advo+ gave Delacour the possibility to select recipients (signatories) directly from their contacts in Capto Advo+. This means that Delacour's employees don't have to manually type names and emails every time they send a document to one of their contacts.

Penneo's custom signing flows increased employee efficiency by saving them hours of manual administrative work.

By implementing digital signature, Delacour has significantly cut down paper, ink, and postage costs.


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