BMC Leasing A / S is Denmark's cheapest leasing company specializing in private leasing of used cars. With over 3000 cars on the road, BMC's employees quickly got overwhelmed when they also had to deal with the manual administrative work that comes with sending leases for signatures. Naturally, in 2015, they decided to automate the signature process with Penneo and make leasing agreements digital.

"Before, we had to send documents back and forth and track progress, and the customers themselves had to print, sign and scan the lease. Not surprising, many of our customers were reluctant to do all of that. Penneo was our light at the end of the tunnel."

Jan Lorenzen, CEO at BMC Leasing A/S

The Story

Easier case management

Previously, there were a lot of manual processes that had to be carried out along with the preparation of the lease agreement. The procedures were both time consuming and troublesome. For the company as well as for the customers. "After we started using digital signatures, our document management has become much easier. In addition, the automatic reminder system is a great advantage for our busy clients which need a bit more attention and follow-up sessions until they sign the document. We no longer need to wonder if the lease has been signed or if the person has been followed-up with."

A more modern and professional experience

One of the primary target groups at BMC Leasing are young students. For them special micro cars and the ability to have a flexible lease which can be terminated after 3 months is an attractive offer. Now, the fact that students can sign the lease agreements digitally makes BMC Leasing the preferred choice of most young people. "Today, our customers perceive us as more modern and professional. They are more confident in the process, and it is also easier for them to subsequently store their own copy of the signed documents."

What they have achieved