Sergel Group offers high quality credit management solutions to transaction intensive companies and organisations in the Nordic and Baltic markets. Their vision is to be the chosen partner based on excellent customer experience. If you ask Sergel, the key to their success is the belief that the debtor is more likely to pay off their debts if they are treated with respect and understanding. An important aspect of their success is the use of modern technology to make the debtor's experience as easy and painless as possible. That's where Penneo comes in.

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Jeannie Rosenvinge, Head of Payments and Collection at Sergel Group

"The debtor may already be in a situation where everything is a bit chaotic and out of control, so if you come up with a complicated solution, you'll get absolutely nothing from it. People are used to using NemID in everyday life and perceive it as a safe and secure solution. At the same time, it is far easier for the debtor when the agreement can be signed directly on the smartphone."

Jeannie Rosenvinge, Sergel's Head of Payments and Collection

The Story

It's all about helping the debtor

For Sergel the first step towards getting the debt covered is to form a written agreement with the debtor. "We need a deal. Of course, we must also collect the payment, but we know there are many who cannot pay immediately. When that happens, we help them as best as we can. And that includes a clear payment agreement, which they have the obligation to comply with."

Looking for a way to receive signatures faster and easier, Sergel implemented the digital signature solution in July 2015, and the effect was aparent within just under a month. "We got 30% more agreements signed - and much faster and easier". For Sergel, Penneo means that they can now easily call a debtor at the end of the month and start the agreement already from the first of next month. It only takes a few days to collect the signature and start the repayment procedures. The follow-up process is also taken care of by Penneo which leaves more time to Sergel to allocate to the needs of their clients face-to-face.

Last but not least, the agreements Sergel sends out contain highly sensitive information. It is therefore crucial that only the debtor and no one else can read the documents. Penneo allows the CPR to lock access to the documents through the Debtor's NemID. It ensures that the signing agreement ends up in the right hands and Sergel is GDPR compliant.

What they have achieved