At Advokatfirmaet Marker, 8 legal business advisers specialize in private property and advise clients on sale and purchase of real estate. As you can probably imagine, with more than 1.000 clients, the administrative pressure on Marker is very high. In order to manage administrative burdens and increase customer satisfaction, Marker adopted a digital signature workflow in 2015.

"Penneo's platform is particularly suitable for all companies that are subject to the Money Laundering Act. If a personal meeting is not necessary, our customers can now validate themselves and sign documents 100% digitally with NemID - directly from their phone"

Thomas Marker, CEO and Lawyer at Marker

The Story

Great communication

As a relatively large lawyer firm, Marker has very specific processes that are being put in action every day to ensure top services and fast delivery of results. Marker can afford no compromise in the quality of their workflow and Penneo fully understood their needs. Hand in hand, Marker and Penneo customized the digital signature solution so that it fit with the everyday responsibilities of Marker employees but also integrated seamlessly into the workflowthey are used to.

Reduced administrative burdens

The administrative burdens of Marker were significantly reduced. Employees were able to save time and gain in productivity. Lawyers were able to allocate more time and attention to the client and their needs in the meetings, rather than focusing on signing a bunch of documents. About the outcome of the implementation of digital signature and CPR validation, Thomas Marker states: "The dialogue with Penneo has been good throughout the process and we at Marker are very pleased with this performance, which significantly reduces our administrative burdens".

What they have achieved