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About B&L Accounting

B&L Accounting is an accountancy firm in Belgium servicing around 300-400 clients. The company helps other organizations with anything from bookkeeping and accountancy to tax and business advisory services.

B&L Accounting’s mission is to provide its clients with the optimal guidance that enables them to reach their business objectives.



Like many accountancy firms out there, B&L is busy handling all the paperwork for its clients, while providing them with value as well. With several documents needing to be signed at different times of the year for each client, B&L did not always have the time to get a good oversight of who signed or not and follow up where necessary.

This was becoming a challenge, especially in light of new legislation in Belgium which introduced stricter controls to make sure documents are returned back signed.

To improve communication with clients and make sure it meets legislative requirements too, B&L Accounting decided to look for a new tool to help manage these processes.



After some research, the company decided to implement Penneo Sign. Penneo offered the most attractive package, both in terms of product functionalities and pricing.

The implementation was smooth and B&L Accounting found Penneo’s platform easy to learn and navigate. The company set up some custom flows, which are tailored after B&L’s processes, thus making working with Penneo even more efficient.

”We’re really happy with the follow-up, too. If there’s a question or something that needs to be changed, I send an email to our Adoption Manager and get a reply within a day. That’s really good.” – Stefanie Van Herck, Administrative Assistant @ B&L Accounting

Sending documents via Penneo is as easy as sending an email, and the automatic reminders are a life-saver.

”I get maybe 40-50% of the documents back and signed the same day. Then a week later I can see they got a reminder because I receive back more signed documents. The reminders are really a great thing.” – Stefanie Van Herck, Administrative Assistant @ B&L Accounting



Everything that needs to be signed is now sent via Penneo and documents get back signed much faster – and in a much higher percentage too. This makes it much easier for B&L Accounting to stay compliant with the new legislative requirements.

”Some days, I send maybe 40 documents on the same day and I get some replies right away. Some clients respond within 30 minutes, and others take a day or two. It’s really a big difference using Penneo.” – Stefanie Van Herck, Administrative Assistant @ B&L Accounting

Additionally, client communication has improved too. B&L has received positive feedback from many clients, who enjoy signing via Penneo. They can sign from their mobile phones, making the process much more convenient.

”We’re very happy to be using Penneo. We think it’s a really big improvement for our company since we wanted to start doing more things digitally. Penneo is a step in the right direction.” – Stefanie Van Herck, Administrative Assistant @ B&L Accounting

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