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About Graef

Graef is a family story that started 40 years ago and continues to grow and embrace new challenges.

The name of the company stands for its values, and they have been guiding their way of working with their clients, as well as when selecting new partners.

G for Growth
R for Relationship
A for Advice
E for Easiness & Simplicity
F for Fun

Graef’s goal is to be a close partner and to create growth and added value for their clients.



At Graef, service and commitment to their clients are paramount and guide them in their business approach.

The document signing process was becoming complex logistically, with more and more documents circulated around needing to be signed.

Doing this the manual way was very time-consuming for Graef and took time away from advising clients and creating value for them.



Graef decided to implement Penneo Sign to save time and focus on the essentials – their clients.

Collecting signatures from different stakeholders in a specific order and keeping a complete overview of the entire process was a key feature for Graef.

With Penneo, Graef can now provide its clients and partners with a secure and fast way to sign documents such as annual reports and compliance-related materials and make sure that all deadlines are met.

”I must say that working with Penneo is not only time-saving, easy, simple, and fast, it is also just plain fun!” – Stjin De Graef, Managing Partner and Co-Owner at Graef

Penneo fits well with Graef’s digitalization goals and initiatives, as well as with the company’s values.

”Penneo actually helps us grow because we save time by using it. We also want our customers to grow, so we constantly encourage them to embrace digitalization.

Penneo also strengthens the relationship, because document signing is made so simple that we have more time to give our customers real advice, which is more valuable than purely administrative things. So it is the advisory part that will take over, as we have more time to focus on that now.

Simplicity speaks for itself – Penneo is an easy tool to use. And it’s fun that things advance so quickly. We have more time to do more fun things.” – Bart De Graef, Managing Partner and Co-Owner at Graef





The implementation and adoption of Penneo have been successful, and it is now a tool used across the company. Penneo Sign plays a significant part in their workflows, and they noticed an increase in ”the ratio of signed documents that come back has multiplied by ten”, as affirmed by one of the Managing Partners.

The collaboration with Penneo and itsme® in Belgium was a strong advantage for their clients too. They can safely and quickly confirm their identity and sign digitally using itsme®, across devices.

”We notice how fast signings are since we work with Penneo. In the past we printed a lot, or the customer had to come by, and then we had a little bundle for them to sign, and now it is emailed, and sometimes within 5 minutes it is signed.” – Ilse Simis, Managing Partner and Co-Owner at Graef

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