Guide: Cybersecurity in Document Management


How to keep documents safe & protect your data

As cyberattacks and massive data breaches make headlines in the news on a regular basis, cybersecurity is today as vital to our daily lives as digitalization itself. Every company is a target: no matter its function, size, or annual revenue, no region or industry is immune, as all organizations hold data that hackers covet. Thus, championing cybersecurity is not merely an IT issue but a key business problem that must rise from an afterthought to the primary focus.

We gathered insights related to the most common cyberattacks and detailed a Cybersecurity Management Plan – structured along the three pillars of readiness, proactivity, and resilience – to cut the chances of breach verification and preserve business continuity. As you will see, these goals are achievable by adopting a cloud-based Document Management System, able to respond to cybersecurity needs while improving operational efficiency.

A document management software provides an excellent level of protection for the data held by your company, in addition to revolutionizing the quality of your daily business activities – and it can make all the difference if your business comes under attack. Thanks to all the security capabilities provided, you can be sure that, whatever happens, sensitive information and documents are kept intact.

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