Vilka är Penneo?
Vi är Penneo!

Hos Penneo betyder människorna allt och ingenting vore möjligt utan vår fantastiska Penneo-familj. Kom och träffa oss!

Fick du prata med din favorit-Penneo idag?
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De som förklarar hur Penneo kan hjälpa ditt företag


Head of Sales

(+45) 6166 2066

AC's passion is catching fish. Big fish. Both in his freetime with his kids and when he is at work. A young man with huge passion and impact.


Sales Trainer & Leader

(+45) 53 74 08 78


Sales Assistant NO

(+45) 71 96 55 02


Sales Consultant NO

(+47) 7349 48 20

OD is a genuine Norwegian Viking - both of mind and appearance. With his long hair and long beard, he gives it as a traveling Penneo troubadour in the Norwegian mountains.


Sales Consultant NO

(+47) 48006981

Weekdays Joachim fishes after Norwegian customers in Penneo River, but as soon as it’s weekend you’ll find him at the stadium where the fishing rod is replaced with a SK Brann t-shirt and a cold draft beer to keep warm.


Sales Consultant NO

(+45) 71 74 09 20


Sales Consultant SE

(+46) 729 75 0201

For Swedish Fredrik it does not matter if it is 120 kg. In the fitness center or km/h in the office. He manages both without blinking an eye.

Mikkel S

Sales Consultant DK

(+45) 2210 4848

Do not be fooled by the sunglasses. Despite his well-developed poker surface, he is a bit of a teddy bear inside. Dennis' unofficial big brother.


Sales Consultant DK

(+45) 6054 4468

Dennis is Penneo's resident beatboxer. When he’s on the phone with you, he’ll make you want to dance along. Glad for the boat horn.



De som får dig att veta mer om Penneo


Head of Marketing & Digital

(+45) 28 78 50 15

When he's not exploring unknown lands and photographing the world, Gautier makes sure that all the positive noise around Penneo is even louder and under control.


Digital & Sales Specialist

(+45) 31 10 42 63

Ida writes and makes things, care a lot about UX, dabble digital marketing, content and brand tasks. When not at the office, she swims in the ocean, runs in the mountain, dozes in the hammock and eats açaí all day long.


De som håller våra kunder ständigt nöjda

Mikkel C

Head of Business Development

(+45) 6020 4001

When 'Clausen' doesn’t work with Penneo's graphics, he ensures that there is a good mood in the office and that the glass is always filled. No matter which day of the week.


Head of Customer Success

(+45) 51 22 75 72


Customer Onboarding SE

(+45) 71 74 94 88


Customer Onboarding NO

(+45) 4268 3553

Small dog, big bark. Marianne is not only the big supplier of good contagious energy in the office. She also ensures that our Norwegian customers get all the love they need.


Customer Onboarding DK

(+45) 31 33 35 75

Mikkel D

Tech Support DK

(+45) 7174 7340

By day he saves customers. At night he chases super villains. We believe. We have never seen Mikkel and Batman in the same room. Just saying ...

IT & Produktutveckling

De som ligger bakom systemet och maskineriet



(+45) 7199 5558

'Floki' sets the beat behind the drum set and for the development department. He is our eccentric boat builder and chief headbanger.


Backend Developer

(+45) 7199 9807

Ahmad was the first to be captured aboard Penneo. With a fancy desk. He may be the one who knows the machine best. Unbeaten with bat or ketscher.


Frontend Developer

(+45) 2594 0167

We found Jesus deep inside the Venezuelan jungle, where he shared his time between front end programming and shady activities that he would rather not talk about. Plata o Plomo?


Infrastructure Developer

(+45) 2594 4165

AJ ensures that the servers can always handle the pressure no matter how many people try to sign at the same time. Also in a year or ten. Picasso in the weekend.



(+45) 5032 9734

Lukas is our Polish front-end craftsman. When he does not build new and exciting features for Penneo, he jumps out of an otherwise well-functioning airplane.


Backend Developer

(+45) 91 48 00 73

Franco has taken the journey all the way from Argentina and, of course, plays like Maradona in the code in the same way as on the pitch.




Backend Developer

(+45) 71 99 58 70

Fabian bought an airplane ticket from Romania to Søborg because in Penneo we’ve got alot of building blocks and Fabian wanted to be on top of all of them.


De som håller ordning och reda och hittar fler fantastiska personer att segla med Penneo-båten


Operations Manager

(+45) 4024 5510

Christian is the sheriff who keeps track of the law. He also ensures that we get a salary, holiday and we pay our bills. And then he loves to move the lawn with live football in the ears


Talent Acquisition Developer

(+45) 31 33 89 40

Several years of sales, teaching and coaching experience has made Mattis an excellent judge of character and given the knowhow in asking the right questions.


De som sörjer för att det hela är under kontroll



(+45) 26 47 63 73



+45 21 60 90 60

Armed with a calculator and a big smile, Christina is on top of bookkeeping and makes sure it all adds up.

Kaptenen & Styrelsemedlemmar

De som håller Penneo på rätt kurs

Niels Henrik


Company blueshirt and grey hair from developing businesses and his age. Dedicated father and husband, passionate about cross biking, winter bathing and BBQ.


Board member


Board member

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