The Penneo Swag: Aligning Our Values with Our Services

Published Date: 25 November 2019

For the past few years, we’ve been on a journey to make sure that Penneo’s values – the branded services that goes out to teammates, customers and the rest of the world – truly reflects Penneo’s values. 

In business the term “value” often means the financial value created by profit and dividends. Here, it is referring to the societal value or the value that a corporation creates or reduces, for society while doing business. 

From the employers perspective it can be argued that transparency builds trust. Moreover, that it makes employees feel that they’re working for a company with higher ethical standards, which can create more engagement, commitment and devotion to the vision of the company. 


Doesn’t that sound good?

Penneo started as a small startup and has since been a key player of the digital transformation in the Nordics. The company may have grown, in space and in people count, but the same integrity and initial value set is still being prioritized at the workspace and kept in mind during hiring processes. This includes high engagement and devotion to the Penneo product, mission and vision – a must- from the first day of hire. It also includes personal growth, experimentation and evolution together with a common goal and drive.  


Staying Transparent  

It’s arguably easier to be transparent when your company is small. In the start up phase, everything is raw and it is almost impossible not to be transparent! As a company scales up, there becomes a need for more people, and to avoid utter confusion there is often implemented some rules and structure. More than often there is a tendency to form hierarchies in companies when reaching this stage. It is a manageable and relatively instinctual way of leading and taking charge for many.

Penneo acknowledges structure and processes as a part of having a thriving business and a framework on how to solve tasks is given as part of the onboarding process at Penneo but the aim is still to maintain and support company transparency and avoid hierarchies. The key is to create a place where everyone is involved in solving the daily tasks, while encouraged to discover new paths and ways of optimizing the product and company. 

As it was then, it is now.


Listen to our Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer, André, share his experience and advice that comes with working at a scale up, and check out current career openings if all of this sounds like a place for you!