Why should you communicate about Penneo ?

At Penneo, everything (or at least a big part of it) we do is linked to GDPR, security and compliance. It is vital for our customers to know that we are on top of such subjects and that the products we deliver answer all their questions regarding those matters.

The GDPR EU regulation continuously affects businesses worldwide and we must acknowledge that being transparent about how data is used and protected is now required by law. A great step towards GDPR-compliance have been moving from paper to digital processes and the wider digital transformation your company have been going through with Penneo. The investment you have done in digital transformation today helps you achieve compliance with the current GDPR but also helps you prepare for future regulatory compliance.

It’s important to develop and have the right security measures throughout your infrastructure to comply with the regulation but also communicate and be fully transparent about the procedures being implemented by your company to be compliant and have a great security focus on data.

We suggest clearly signalizing and communicating to your customers and shareholders the procedures being implemented for compliance and the purpose of these procedures. Not only does this show transparency about security measures taken to be compliant but is also builds a deep trust and attract & retain customers.

Security is an important factor from us at Penneo, and all of our processes comply with the highest security standards, from authentication to encryption. Companies that use Penneo should be able to feel secure that the software they use meet international legislation requirements, such as GDPR, and that their suppliers have a strong focus on IT security. As a proof of this, we are certified for compliance with the ISAE-3000 issued by KPMG. You can read more about what Penneo provides to your business as a customer : https://penneo.com/security/

For all those reasons, we believe that it is highly beneficial for you to write about those security standards you are compliant with. We suggest sharing this text on your website to inform customers and stakeholders on the steps you are taking on digital processes, security and document workflow towards compliance:


Digital Processes and Signatures

COMPANY NAME collaborates with Penneo on digital signature utilizing any national e-ID system (BankID, NemID etc.). This solution means we can handle the entire signature and document handling workflow digitally. On top of being easier and faster, we gain certainty about who is signing what and when. 

How safe is it?

Security is an important factor for us, and all of Penneo's processes comply with the highest security standards, from authentication to encryption. Penneo meets the requirements of international legislation such as GDPR, they have a strict focus on IT security and are certified for compliance with the ISAE-3000 issued by KPMG.

When using Penneo as a signing method, one achieves a very high degree of security. Penneo supports national digital certificate-based signatures with Norwegian BankID, Swedish BankID and Danish NemID and comply with the regulation requirements on Advanced Electronic Signatures in Denmark and Sweden, and on Qualified Electronic Signatures in Norway. BankID is certified at the highest public authentication and non-repudiation level for electronic IDs in Norway (level 4).


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