We save at least half an hour per document compared to the original process of printing, sending, and following up. – Mike Collier, Director at Fiskcouncil



Fiskcouncil offers comprehensive services that assist businesses in three main areas: accounting, taxation, and consultancy.

The company is currently going through a transformative digitalization process. The goal is to minimize manual labor, save time, optimize signing processes and eliminate usage of paper.

Prior to adopting Penneo, Fiskcouncil had already initiated their transformative journey. At that time their signing process was heavily reliant on manual labor, demanding significant manpower and hours of work.



Fiskcouncil chose Penneo after exploring various options on the market. Penneo proved to be an intuitive tool that perfectly met their expectations.

Before we had to chase after the client, making sure they signed everything. Now, we can simply say, look, we initiate the process, we have set the settings correctly, we pressed start, and the work is in the hands of the client. – Mike Collier, Director at Fiskcouncil

Fiskcouncil’s implementation of Penneo went smoothly. They were in need of some more features to optimize the process completely, and for that, they were in close collaboration with the developers at Penneo. The developers’ consultation proved to be helpful and Fiskcouncil’s concerns were addressed and they felt heard. Now Fiskcouncil has reached a point where operations are running seamlessly.



After implementing Penneo, Fiskcouncil is able to focus more on what they do best – providing advice to their customers and the company is experiencing less stress related to the follow-up process and receives a lot of good feedback from the signers.

In the past, there was never enough time to offer additional advice due to the limited number of hours in a day. However, with the digital tools now available to us, we are optimizing every marginal gain, creating space within those limited hours to finally embrace our advisory role. – Mike Collier, Director at Fiskcouncil

Thanks to digital tools Fiskcouncil is able to handle double the amount of customers with the same amount of employees.

The feedback we receive from customers is very positive. They think the way that it is set up is very professional. Customers actually just say the look is very intuitive, it’s very handy. – Mike Collier, Director at Fiskcouncil


About Fiskcouncil

Fiskcouncil offers a broad range of accounting, taxation and advisory services. The company is based in Belgium and has three offices in Wetteren, Lievegem and Zingem.

Fiskcouncil serves a diverse clientele ranging from small local businesses to large corporations among its 460 customers. The company profiles range from sole proprietorship to management, catering, freelance and construction.

We actually try to be the accountant for everyone. – Mike Collier, Director at Fiskcouncil

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