Digitalize processes and improve the client experience

We help finance institutions use digitalization proactively to improve client interactions – from onboarding to data collection and document signing.

Penneo for banking and financial services

Penneo for finance professionals

Simplify identity verification
Digital KYC verification saves your clients valuable time when providing you with their ID information.
Simplify client onboarding
Optimize client onboarding
In just 5-10 minutes you go through a guided risk assessment and request client information.
Do business faster
Do business faster
With automated signing flows you get business agreements signed and sent back within hours.
Ensure regulatory compliance
Ensure regulatory compliance
Penneo is compliant with GDPR, eIDAS, AML & KYC regulations and helps you stay on top of your compliance duties too.

Automate processes across different business lines



Help your clients achieve their goals. We enable you to automate manual tasks and spend more time on finding personalized solutions to your clients’ needs. With Penneo, you automate client identification and document transactions, remove signing errors, avoid missed deadlines, reduce complexity, and ensure your private and business clients get the best out of your services.

Collecting data and permissions is easy, secure, and compliant with Penneo forms – it’s a smooth self-service process that your clients will love.



House insurance, car insurance, life insurance – you name it! Signing agreements digitally with Penneo is much faster and convenient. Both you and your clients avoid the hassle of paperwork and can sign multiple documents in one go.

Your clients can easily provide you with their personal details via Penneo self-service forms – it’s secure, compliant and you choose how to distribute the form.



Provide your clients with the best deal and a frictionless experience. With Penneo, signing documents digitally is much easier, faster, and convenient. You keep track of the documents’ status and send reminders to clients who haven’t signed.

Gathering identity information is easy and secure with Penneo forms. Your clients will love the convenience and you can rest assured your operations are KYC compliant.



Whether private or corporate pension schemes, signing agreements with Penneo is much faster and convenient. Signing digitally can be done remotely or in-person – avoid the hassle of paperwork and sign multiple documents in one go.

You collect ID information and permissions in an easy, secure, and compliant way with Penneo self-service forms.

Debt Collection

Debt Collection

Handle confidential documents like repayment agreements in a secure and compliant way. Provide a smooth experience for the debtor and your client too by enabling them to review and sign documents digitally.

With Penneo, you can achieve the highest level of security, and rest assured that only the right persons can see and sign the intended documents in an order defined by you.

What our customers are saying

Automate client-facing processes.
Accelerate efficiency.

Penneo KYC

KYC & AML Compliance

Business registers

KYC verification

Data monitoring

Activity log

Penneo Sign

Signing & Data Collection

Digital signing

Document Validator

Progress overview

Document storage

Secure signing and identity authentication with eID

We have integrations with several national eIDs, so you can easily verify the identity of your clients in compliance with KYC & AML regulations. Digitally signing loan and mortgage agreements, company documents, insurance policies, leasing offers, pension schemes, and voluntary settlements is secure and legally binds the signers.


Penneo integrations

We have several integrations available with popular tools and software for your industry, and we are constantly working on building more.​

Visma e-conomic

ByteLab Car Commerce


If you are looking to build a custom integration, the Penneo API is just the thing for you.

Penneo integrations for the financial sector

We help you enhance data security and meet compliance requirements

Enhance security

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Penneo Sign

Get documents signed faster. Collect the information you need and manage your document workflows in an easy and compliant manner.

Penneo KYC

Automate client onboarding and AML compliance. Perform risk assessments and collect client documentation in a safe and efficient way.