KYC & AML compliance

Reduce the time spent on onboarding new clients and take care of regulatory compliance. Connect with a client, perform automatic checks and request additional information in minutes. It’s easy, secure, and convenient for everyone involved.

KYC & AML compliance

Automate the client onboarding process

One solution for your AML needs - digital, efficient, secure.
We guide you and your clients through the entire process of collecting and submitting the required information.

Risk assessment

Fully automate your process - from identifying the owners and checking for PEP to collecting additional information.

Record keeping

Easily retrieve data for current and past interactions and prove you have done everything that the law requires.

Continuous data monitoring

Don’t worry about outdated information. Data is synced with different databases so you get notified every time there is a change.

KYC and risk assessment in one solution

Guided risk assessment

Step-by-step risk assessment with automatic PEP and EU Sanctions List check.

Activity log

Get all your actions documented automatically and stay on top of onboarding duties.


Secure record of active and completed client relationships in compliance with GDPR.

KYC & risk assessment
Customer due diligence

Customer due diligence made easy

ERP systems integration

Import client data in just a few clicks and ensure a frictionless process.

Business registers lookup

Retrieve company information and identify the beneficial owners automatically.

Continuous data monitoring

Get notified of changes in the data and request new information to keep your client relationships up to date.

Professional and secure customer experience

Efficient data collection

Your clients can submit information from any device within minutes. Fast and convenient.

Secure data storage

Your clients’ data is handled with the highest level of security. All information is end-to-end encrypted.

Modern customer experience

Build trust from the start - give your clients a secure way of providing you with personal sensitive information.

Customer experience

AML compliance in minutes

KYC/AML compliance

Effortless, secure, and compliant client onboarding process

Sign with eID

Identification with national eID

Allow your customers to confirm their identity using a national eID – it’s quick, secure, and works the same way as when they log in to their online banking, for example.

GDPR compliance

Data security and GDPR compliance

You can rely on our end-to-end encryption, document audit trail as well as policies for data retention and disposal.

AML compliance

AML compliance

We help you comply with the rules set forth under the latest AML Directive.


KYC is mandatory for the entities Anti-Money Laundering laws apply to, i.e.:

auditors, accountants, and tax advisors

credit and financial institutions

real estate agents

notaries and other independent legal professionals

trust or company service providers

gambling service providers

other persons trading in good valued over €10.000

Even if your firm is not required to comply with Anti-Money Laundering laws, KYC is rapidly becoming the norm for all industries as it’s always a good idea to ensure you’re doing business with trusted entities.

When you start a new business relationship, you need to collect:

information on the identity of the customer and beneficial owners (name, address, etc.)

information on the purpose and intended nature of the business relationship (source of income, frequency of transactions, etc.)

additional information needed to rate the risk level of the customer (type of business, geographic location, etc.)

You can read more about the data collection and Customer Due Diligence (CDD) process here.

Yes! Penneo is built with safety and compliance in mind to provide you with an easy way to meet all AML requirements. Hundreds of security-conscious customers already use it on a daily basis to onboard clients digitally and document their compliance efforts.

You can find a complete overview of all four requirements needed to comply with Anti-Money Laundering laws here.