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Vision & strategy

Penneo was created to help companies worldwide sign their papers digitally instead of using paper and pen. This saves time, money, paper and ink. The vision is to reach the entire world and help as many people and companies as possible. Initially, the strategy is to become the strongest digital signature platform in the Nordic Region. Then we try with new countries and new markets, one step at a time.

Penneo Values

A big family
A bunch of pioneers
A mission, not a workplace
A customer oriented mindset
A Viking culture

A bit of history

It started back in 2012

With a dream of changing the world, 3 Danish entrepreneurs went into the lab back in 2012. They had discovered that 'it was cumbersome to get papers signed' and that this was a problem that most companies knew about to larger or smaller degree. They would solve it. With the Danish NemID system as the key in the project they focused on creating a software product that made national e-IDs to the new signature device that could replace the paper and pen era. This new pen - Pen Neo - was made ready for launch in 2013, and Penneo as a business was founded.

The first pioneers

Danish accountants, lawyers and Property Managers were among the first who wanted to try it out. Later, the financial industry joined with leasing companies, insurance companies and banks. With a shared dream of adding power to annual reports, settlements, debentures, supplier agreements, leasing contracts etc. we have built a platform where customers and clients easily can sign, fast and secure.

During the first 4 years, almost 1,000 companies jumped on board the Penneo boat. There are still many from the 'suit industries', but many HR departments, municipalities and public institutions have also joined. And they use it. A lot. Everything from employment contracts to corporate customer forms are now being digitized. Why download a web form, print and fill it in by hand when it can all be done directly on your computer or smartphone. New customers join every single day and it seems that they love Penneo almost as much as we love them.

Sweden & Norway

Companies in Sweden and Norway now also has the opportunity to digitize their processes. Here you can sign with BankID, but the possibilities and benefits are the same. Customers are served faster and easier. The companies get optimized workflows, save money and suddenly appear a bit more modern. A bit more digital.

Penneo milestones

  1. 2012
    An idea was born
  2. 2013
    Beginning of Penneo's adventure
  3. 2016
    500 customers milestone
  4. 2017
    1000 customers milestone
  5. 2018
    Expansion to Scandinavia
  6. 2019
    Growing adventure

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