Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

Introduction to Our Cookie Policy

When you visit we collect certain information about you to analyse and improve our content, service and advertising. If you do not wish to be party to this data collection, please delete your cookies and cease using immediately. In the following, we have described exactly which data is collected, and which third parties have access to them.

This website uses cookies.


What Is a Cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is saved on the device you use to browse the web, and its purpose is to recognise you, allowing us to tailor marketing to your preferences and to generate statistics pertaining to the pages you visit while on our site.

Cookies cannot contain malicious computer code, such as malware, viruses etc.

It is possible to disable cookies entirely.


Cookies for Statistical Information

A cookie is a small information file, which is stored by web pages on your computer.
Cookies enables recognising of your computer by the web site. They are used for improving the user experience and for gathering anonymous usage statistics. Cookies are also used with reference to the log-on procedure - these cookies are however deleted when you sign out of Penneo. Most companies use cookies on their web sites since it improves the common user experience.
Penneo also uses cookies to collect information of the use of the Penneo website. The following information is collected:

  • The pages you visit on Penneo
  • The time and date of the visit
  • The webpages from which you came

I addition Penneo collects informations about the computer you use (no personal information). The info used are:

  • Web browser and browser settings
  • Operating system
  • Internet connection
  • Screen resolution and -settings

The information is only used for statistical purposes and for improving the services on Penneo.
Moreover, Penneo is collecting the IP-address of the computer you are using. This information is not collated with personal information, but can be used when investigating unauthorised- or attempted unauthorised use of Penneo.


Cookies and User Management

Penneo is using cookies for user-management and to improve common user experience. These cookies register user-settings such as:

  • Languages environment
  • Log-on-method
  • Storing environment
  • User specific sorting
  • Contact informations (with reference to support inquiries)
  • Managing of the log-on-session



Penneo does not sell or disclose your personal information for the purpose of marketing from third parties. Penneo exclusively uses information about our website users to market and improve our own services and marketing. Contains Third-Party Cookies


Anonymous statistics regarding the navigational patterns of the people using, allowing us to optimise the content of our website.

Allows us to make online advertising more relevant to your interests. Doubleclick is a wholly owned subsidiary of Google.

Allows us to make online advertising on the facebook platform more relevant to your interests.


Anonymous statistics regarding the playback of promotional videos on

Allows our support platform to identify you, and let your conversations with our support staff follow you.


Allows our support platform to identify you and the page you are currently using, to help our staff provide you with support.

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