Streamline client onboarding and signing processes

Penneo helps you get rid of paper-based transactions and simplify regulatory compliance. Because your time is much better spent on advising clients.


Penneo for audit & accounting professionals

Simplify client onboarding
Simplify client onboarding​
In just 5-10 minutes you go through a guided risk assessment and request client information.
Do business faster
Get agreements signed faster
Automated signing flows streamline the signature collection and ensure all happens in a compliant order.​
Document management
Ease document management
You keep track of your document transactions in one place and stay on top of deadlines and compliance duties.
Elevate client experience
Elevate client experience
Digital KYC verification saves your clients valuable time when providing you with information and they can sign from anywhere too.​

Automate processes across different business lines

Accounting & Reporting

Accounting & Reporting

Forget about receiving sensitive information via insecure channels such as email. Our KYC/AML process makes it easy to collect and manage client data in a safe manner. Your clients can submit photos of IDs directly from their phones.

With Penneo, you can get documents signed by multiple stakeholders in a matter of hours, including digital proof for compliance of the signing order.

81% of all annual reports filed to the Danish Business Authority in 2022 were handled by Penneo.

Audit & Assurance

Audit & Assurance

It’s easier to ensure compliance and avoid fraud when managing your document transactions with Penneo. Each document sent via Penneo leaves an audit trail, along with cryptographic signature evidence – any signs of alterations, and you’ll know.

Collecting signatures is faster and in alignment with compliance requirements. You can make sure and have proof that the letter of engagement, letter of representation, and management statement are all signed in the right order and before the final report.

Advisory & Consulting

Advisory & Consulting

With Penneo you free a couple of hours of manual work every week. Instead of going through administrative tasks such as filling out information and signing documents, you can spend the face time with your clients working on solutions and building a stronger connection with them.

The client onboarding is no longer a hassle for your clients who can submit information within minutes. Document signing is also frictionless. Using our digital signature solution means you don’t have to run around printing, signing, and scanning agreements.

Tax & Legal

Tax & Legal

Building trust takes time. We enable you to spend more time understanding your clients’ unique business needs by automating time-consuming, administrative processes. With Penneo, you handle document transactions faster and make sure regulatory requirements are met. It’s easy for your clients to identify and sign using an electronic ID.

You manage documents in one place and keep a progress overview of all your transactions, so you and your clients always operate within legal deadlines.

What our customers are saying

Uplift document transactions.
Connect better with your clients.

Penneo KYC

KYC & AML Compliance

Business registers

KYC verification

Data monitoring

Activity log

Penneo Sign

Signing & Data Collection

Digital signing

Document Validator

Progress overview

Document storage

Secure signing and identity authentication with eID

We have integrations with several national eIDs, so you can easily verify the identity of your clients in compliance with KYC & AML regulations. Signing engagement letters, NDAs, audit and annual reports, attestation, and tax documentation is secure and legally binds the signers.


Penneo partnerships and integrations

We have several integrations available with popular tools and software for your industry, and we are constantly working on building more.​



Visma e-conomic


You can also use our capabilities for integrating with local business authorities and put document filing on autopilot.

If you are looking to build a custom integration, the Penneo API is just the thing for you.

Integrations for audit and accounting

We help you enhance data security and meet compliance requirements

Enhance security

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Penneo Sign

Get documents signed faster. Collect the information you need and manage your document workflows in an easy and compliant manner.

Penneo KYC

Automate client onboarding and AML compliance. Perform risk assessments and collect client documentation in a safe and efficient way.