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We help you achieve full business process automation through digital signature and digital transaction management implementation.

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We believe that we can build an environmentally- friendly global financial society that everyone can trust and rely upon. We are dedicated to creating a network of secure, verified and compliant business where everyone can benefit from easier identity verification, digital document handling and secure sensitive data storage.


We intend to create this ecosystem by modernizing, digitizing and automating your business’ critical workflows. By combining data-driven customer insights with a deeply specialized value proposition, we provide accounting firms with a sustainable competitive advantage and an all-in-one digitization solution.


We digitize the communicative interface between accounting firms, clients and local authorities. We provide a solution which shapes the critical infrastructure around the financial reporting process and shapes the whole digital document handling experience: from digital signing, through digital transaction management to full business process automation.

Uniqueness is like a signature.
Nobody can forge its exact copy.

Discover what features make Penneo unique and see how we can help your business level up your digitization game.

Ease of Use

Penneo can help execute complex tasks, yet with a simple and responsive design. From creating custom flows to getting signed documents securely stored- it all comes at a click of a button.

Cost Reduction

Digitizing your whole digital document handling flow ultimately means reducing manual administrative labour, cutting down costs on paper, ink and postage and increasing productivity by allocating time to more value building activities.

Environment Protection

We work dedicatedly with UN’s SDGs supporting Responsible Production and Life on land and we will continue to save the environment from more printed paper, waste and burning for each new customer we welcome.

Security & Encryption

Penneo brings high security in your signing documents processes. With the help of the latest security technologies such as national ID systems and end-to-end document encryption, Penneo helps you gain certainty about who is signing your documents, when and in what order.

Legality & Compliance

Penneo is officially certified and fully compliant to the legal rules and regulations of numerous countries. We believe that your business should be as well. That is why Penneo provides you with easy ways to comply with GDPR, KYC, AML and many other regulations.


Going digital doesn’t have to make internal or external communication impersonal. Add a personal touch with customizing emails and adding custom messaging. Apply company logo, or personal branding, to the Penneo platform and make it yours.

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