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Penneo gives you control over your document transactions and reduces the time you spend collecting signatures and fulfilling compliance requirements.

Why Penneo
Automate signing

Automate your signing & document transactions

Over 60% of the documents sent with Penneo get back signed in less than 24h​.

Elevate customer experience

Facilitate great customer experience

Completing agreements digitally gets faster, smoother, and it's more convenient.

Untangle regulatory compliance

Untangle regulatory compliant workflows

Customer onboarding is streamlined, fully guided, and KYC & AML compliant.

Spend less time on handling documents and get faster results

Cut the manual work with signing flows designed for your needs. Keep track of progress and manage your documents in an efficient way. Everything in one place – dashboard, document storage, and the option to share access with colleagues for easy collaboration.

Penneo Sign
Easy signing process

Make the signing process easy for your clients too

It only takes a minute to sign a document digitally, and your customers will love the convenience. Using an electronic ID to authenticate and sign is simple, reliable, and legally binds the signers. On top of that, when signing with Penneo, your clients get a free personal archive too.​

Turn client onboarding into a frictionless digital experience

Save time with our guided risk assessment and request client documentation in 5-10 minutes. Your clients can easily submit the information from any device. A seamless process for everyone involved.​

Penneo KYC

What our customers are saying

Achieve more with Penneo

Achieve more with Penneo

Penneo is intuitive, simple to navigate, and can integrate with systems and tools you use daily.

We follow the highest international security standards when handling your data.

Together with our customers, we save over 74 tons of paper per year. Join us and help increase this number.

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Penneo Sign

Get documents signed faster. Collect the information you need and manage your document workflows in an easy and compliant manner.

Penneo KYC

Automate client onboarding and AML compliance. Perform risk assessments and collect client documentation in a safe and efficient way.