Penneo secures and optimizes workflows for business critical document signature.

Discover why Penneo helps businesses to secure and to handle workflows while excelling at compliance and saving money.

Security and encryption

Penneo wants to bring high security in your signing documents processes. Today, there are much more secure ways to sign official documents and Penneo solution deal with all the latest security technologies such as national ID systems. On top of being easier and faster, you gain in certainty about who is signing what and when.

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Legality and compliance

Penneo is compliant with all the legal rules of many countries. It is important to make sure everything is compelling with the laws and national legislations as well as GDPR. In the early 2000, electronic and digital signatures got democratized and today it makes more sense than ever to include such solutions in your daily workflow.

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Environment and cost reduction

Penneo, as leading platform, wants to shape the future of digital signature and being eco-friendly means a lot. We like the idea that thanks to our great solutions, companies and administrations can considerably reduce their costs, but also their consumption of paper and ink. If you also believe that being eco-friendly is important, join the movement.

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High security and compliance

Automated signing processes

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Email encryption

Real time notifications

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Delayed sending and reminders

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