Penneo aims to deserve your trust

Digitization and transparency must necessarily travel along two parallel paths. Therefore, we strive to offer our customers the safest digital experience by taking care of data protection, legal requirements, and compliance needs.

Penneo Trust Center

What we provide is not just a software to manage digital documents and business processes. It's a solution to securely handle some of the most critical aspects of a business. Meeting our customers' expectations day by day, we earn and preserve our most significant asset: their trust.

Compliance COMPLIANCE with legal, privacy, and security requirements is our top priority

We are committed to ensure ongoing compliance with international legislation and keep our processes up-to-date with the latest news in the legal landscape. Our system is built on globally recognized industry standards and regularly undergoes third-party audits and assessments. By relying on Penneo for processing your documents, you'll assure your own compliance with AML, GDPR, eIDAS, and other relevant regulations.

Do Penneo’s digital signatures meet eIDAS Regulation requirements?

How does Penneo protect your data in compliance with the GDPR?

Can you use Penneo’s KYC to onboard clients in compliance with AML laws?

What certifications does Penneo hold? What international standards is Penneo built on?

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Legality It is on the LEGALITY of our services that our trustworthiness is validated

Our digital signatures comply with all major standards worldwide and meet the eIDAS requirements for advanced e-signatures in the EU. Therefore, they are just as valid and legally binding as traditional handwritten signatures and can be used as evidence in legal proceedings. Likewise, Penneo's KYC solution lets you handle the client onboarding process digitally in full compliance with AML and CDD rules.

What is meant by simple and advanced e-signatures?

What signing methods does Penneo provide? Are Penneo’s signatures legally binding?

What does eIDAS establish about e-signatures and eIDs? What is a TSP?

Do AML laws apply to all organizations? What are the KYC requirements?

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Privacy Protecting the PRIVACY of our customers and their business is a crucial factor in our mission

Whenever personal data processing is performed, what ultimately makes the difference is the level of protection guaranteed to people's privacy. With us, GDPR compliance gets easier for your business: if you use Penneo to manage sensitive information, you can be sure that you're handling personal data fulfilling GDPR requirements about consent, lawful processing, storage within the EU, and so on.

What do you need to know about lawful processing, consent, data subjects’ rights?

What is Penneo’s role under GDPR? Where is the personal data stored?

How can digital signatures help in the GDPR-compliance process?

What is the current status of your business? Are you complying?

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IT Security IT SECURITY and product reliability build our customers loyalty

With our risk-based approach, internal operational security, and the technical safety of our solution, Penneo ensures business continuity and a constant high-level performance on a daily basis. We implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures for effective prevention and mitigation of vulnerabilities while promoting a stronger awareness of information security and data protection within all company departments.

How does Penneo manage security risks to ensure business continuity?

How is the data backed up? Is it encrypted? How does data deletion work?

How secure is Penneo’s digital signature? How long is it valid?

What are the best practices to be safe online? What can you do to improve your cybersecurity?

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Penneo is built on trust and shaped to answer current and future European market demands. We can help you to automate your document management processes in a safe and compliant way. With a single and effective solution, you can consistently reinforce your data security and privacy while equipping your business with an auditable and user-friendly means to meet industry standards and legislative obligations.


What Trust Means for Penneo

We care about making our customers feel safe when they use Penneo. A software provider's approach to security and compliance is the most prominent factor in entrusting business processes to a digital tool. So, we aim to make your search easier by providing you with all the information you may need, and more!

Our Trust Center was created precisely for this: gather in a single place everything concerning our ability to meet legal requirements and security standards and protect your business and your customers' privacy. All of this is to show you our pledge to compliance - which ultimately is your compliance.

You can rely on our transparency

In this frame of reference, our goals can be summarized as follows:

• Keep our services up to date with relevant legislation

• Ensure the confidentiality and safety of customers' data

• Deliver signed documents with verifiable properties such as:

-The identity of the signer(s) can be uniquely established (Authenticity)

-The signer(s) cannot deny having signed the document (Non-repudiation)

-The document cannot be modified undetected (Integrity)

• Maintain product reliability and availability as close to 100% as possible

All of this is always kept in mind alongside our mission to ensure an overall improvement in the quality of your daily workflows through simplification, speeding up, and automation of document management.

What we do to achieve these goals:

• We are convinced that constant attention to the legal environment surrounding our services is as important as their functionality and operativity. Therefore, at Penneo we dedicate equivalent consideration and care to the full observance of compliance needs and requirements.

• Penneo's policies and processes are designed on a common denominator: respect for the privacy of all the stakeholders involved. Your employees, customers, and business' data are protected with the highest level of confidentiality, stored within the EU, and in compliance with all the most stringent provisions of the GDPR.

• Digital signing and identification are essential segments of document management and process automation. Thanks to their technical characteristics, our digital signatures have global reach and acceptance. The same goes for Penneo's KYC solution that enables a digital-only client onboarding in compliance with AML rules.

• Our strong security mechanisms and robust infrastructure allow us to deliver consistent services. Even for your most sensitive and time-critical transactions, you can safely rely on Penneo's continuity and good performance - wherever you are, whenever you need it.

To stay relevant and competitive in a digital world, you need digital tools. But safety must always be put first.

Placing compliance as a lead focus spreads a profound security culture within your company and helps build a thorough and lasting trust from your customers. It's time to take advantage of cross-border business opportunities while increasing the efficiency and security of your business.