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We keep our services up to date with legal requirements, security standards, and compliance needs. Get an overview of privacy, security, and compliance at Penneo – and how you can use our compliance to ensure yours.



Regulatory compliance

Our AML solution is compliant with EU legal requirements, and you can use Penneo to meet your obligations related to KYC, risk assessment, CDD, data collection and monitoring, and record-keeping.

Data privacy

We process and store personal data within the EU and maintain encrypted backups in EU data centers. Aside from ensuring full GDPR compliance internally, we also provide features specifically designed to assist you in meeting GDPR requirements, such as automatic data deletion after a set timespan, access control based on NIN, end-to-end encryption, and more.

Legal validity

Our digital signatures meet the requirements for advanced electronic signatures set out by the EU’s eIDAS Regulation.

The three core security services provided by our digital signatures are:

  • Authenticity: the signer’s identity is verified
  • Content integrity: the data cannot be tampered with
  • Non-repudiation: the signer cannot deny having signed.

Product security​

From our IT environment to our products, everything we do follows the highest safety standards and industry best practices. 

Penneo receives a yearly ISAE 3000 report attesting to our compliance and we frame our IT security processes based on ISO 27001 standard. 

That’s how we ensure continuity and good performance of our services, meeting our customers’ expectations day by day.

Why you can rely on us​​

We are transparent about our internal policies and practices

We give you full control over your data

We protect your information and documents

We are committed to continuously improving our services with compliance in mind

Why rely on Penneo
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We help you meet your specific industry standards and simplify your compliance processes

As our customers belong to highly regulated sectors and operate in different countries, we provide customization capabilities to help you meet your specific industry requirements and national laws.

With Penneo, you can create tailored signing flows that follow the rules your business is subject to and ensure full compliance.

Leverage the safest authentication methods to ensure compliant identification and signatures​

No passcode can compete with the level of security provided by government-issued eIDs for digital identification.

As we support several national eID means, we can help you scale up your business across borders while maintaining the same security you have at home.

Users can confirm their identity and sign digitally with Penneo with the following national eIDs and we are constantly working on supporting new ones.

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