3 Must-Have Solutions for Digital Onboarding

Published Date: 11 July 2020 | 4 min read

Digital onboarding solutions

The hows and whys of digital onboarding

Today’s businesses are not just competing with their peers, but with all the digital experiences their target audience is interacting with. Up to five years ago, digital transformation was considered a strategic move to overcome competitors – now it’s more a matter of evolve or die. Indeed, according to the so-called digital Darwinism, a company’s survival depends on its ability to adapt to change. Therefore, as emphasized by industry experts, digital should be seen less as a thing and more as a way of doing things.


Digital oboarding focuses on customers' needs

The rise of digital customers

For organizations relying heavily on documents, three main activities are likely part of the day-to-day operations:

Fast, smooth, and compliant client (or new employee) onboarding

Handling documents workflows, from signing to sharing

Ensuring secure storage and management of such documentation

Those are maybe the most common processes that all companies – no matter their size or industry – carry out on a daily basis. Therefore, they also represent an indicator rated by customers when it comes to choosing who to do business with. For example, getting the needed service via the Internet is now almost taken for granted; the same applies to the possibility of accessing via mobile anytime and from anywhere. Whatever the product or service a business offers, customer satisfaction is a common denominator: it’s the clients who dictate the rules, and this awareness should be reason enough to adopt more customer-centric strategies.


Truth is that customer expectations converge with your business exigencies

A good example that shows how the above-mentioned activities follow and intertwine with each other is the onboarding process. What does your typical customer onboarding workflow look like? How many steps does it take in terms of efforts and time from both you and the potential customer?

In its most basic version, the process involves at least those three phases:

Secure identification of the potential new client (or new employee)

Sending the contract to be signed, receiving it back (and being able to verify the validity of the signature)

Archive such contract and the related documentation in an organized and safe way that guarantees the protection of the personal data stored as well as its availability should it be retrieved, shared (or deleted at the end of the business relationship)

If the list alone causes concern, things get more complicated when it comes to ensuring the compliant execution of such a process. Legacy systems are likely to be underperforming and companies relying rigorously on hard-copy-based processes often have a hard time in making sure they abide by relevant legal requirements. That’s why workflow digitization is ever more consistently implemented as an effective means to meet compliance needs. And this is even more true for businesses operating in a highly regulated environment – whereby the right digital signature solution can make all the difference!


Issues with basic client onboarding process


Digital empowerment is a leading factor in innovation, value, revenue, and market growth. But how many firms are exploiting the opportunity to make the most out of new technologies? Surprisingly, not that many. According to a 2019 study, office digitization is among the top organizational challenges facing many of today’s companies: only 44% of organizations have fully adopted a digital-first business strategy, while 89% are still at the planning-phase to approach this mindset.

Onboarding clients, signing documents, managing case files, are crucial processes whose automation completely change the game for a business. Despite the widely recognized boost-performing role of digital, many businesses are still struggling in embracing change – and reap the rewards. One of the main causes is the difficulty of understanding how to start the digitization process and equip the company with the necessary tools to improve operational efficiency and customer experience. In addition, considering how such processes interlink and interact with one another, it’s essential for the digital tools supporting them to be harmoniously integrated.

What programs will support your business digitization (and are they compatible with one another)?


Problems with your digital onboarding process? Penneo can solve them all!


Penneo’s KYC simplifies the onboarding process both for you and your customers: we automated the authentication through digital IDs, so your clients can undergo the identity check directly from their computer or smartphone in a few minutes and full compliance with AML requirements.

Digital signing is the new normal and today’s customers expect to be provided with this option. Penneo's digital signature solution complies with all the international standards set forth on the topic and helps you ease and speed up the digital transaction management for your enterprise.

Critical records on devices and networks can be manipulated, stolen, or lost. Penneo’s cloud-based document management system safely backups and stores your data offsite on the cloud and in multiple locations – even in the worst-case scenario you’ll always be able to restore and access your documents.


Digital onboarding with Penneo


Office's digital transformation enhances access control and security, improves collaboration, and ultimately upgrades their entire business. Digital investments are rewarded with positive ROI, lower business expenses, efficient workflows, and greater customer satisfaction.

To wrap up: KYC process automation, digital signature, and cloud-based document management system are 3 must-have tools every business should have to better serve and engage their audience and not to lose competitive ranking. Penneo can offer all of them and much more!

The only way to lose when it comes to digital transformation is not to take advantage of it. Digitize your processes with Penneo. It’s all you need to modernize your business.


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