Where regulatory compliance meets productivity​

Penneo takes care of your business processes — everything from document transactions and digital signing to KYC and risk assessment.


Connect better with your clients

Provide your customers with a digital way to interact with you and get the information you need —
convenient and efficient for everyone involved. Save time and improve the customer experience.

One place for your document transactions and regulatory compliant workflows

Penneo Sign

Signing & Data Collection

Go from slow, paper-based processes to effortless digital interactions. Signing & managing documents with Penneo is faster, more efficient, and secure. Your clients get a better experience too.

Sign on the go

Digital signatures


Signing flows automation


Identity verification

KYC & AML Compliance

Establish trust and transparency in your business relationships from the start. Our solution makes it easy and convenient to verify the identity of your clients and meet AML compliance duties.

Guided risk assessment

Guided risk assessment


Record keeping

Data monitoring

Continuous data monitoring

Penneo KYC

Transform the way you work

Free time to focus on the work that matters to you
Reduce the administrative burden and resources spent on manual repetitive tasks. Automate your document transactions to free time for value-creating work.
Take the compliance hassle out of the way
Penneo ensures your compliance when retrieving data, signing documents, completing regulated workflows, and onboarding clients.
Improve your business interactions
Move from the classic pen and paper approach to a flexible, reliable, and smooth digital experience for you and your business partners.

Get started with Penneo today

Get started with Penneo

Compliance & Security

GDPR compliance

GDPR compliance


End-to-end encrypted data handling

Trust mark

eIDAS compliant digital signatures

KYC/AML compliance

KYC & AML compliance

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Penneo Sign

Get documents signed faster. Collect the information you need and manage your document workflows in an easy and compliant manner.

Penneo KYC

Automate client onboarding and AML compliance. Perform risk assessments and collect client documentation in a safe and efficient way.