“On some weeks, we need to send out 20 to 30 employment contracts and attachments for signature. This was very expensive due to high postage prices, and employee time spent on manual administrative tasks such as printing, scanning, and mailing contracts. With Penneo, we save both time and money, and employee relations have significantly improved.” – Kristine Stavik, HR Manager at Olivia Danmark


About Olivia Danmark

Olivia Danmark provides financial assistance and support services for children and adults living with a disability. They believe that everyone has the right to live a happy and fulfilling life that is not defined by their disability. The organisation collaborates with over 65 Danish municipalities to ensure people living with a disability have the opportunity to live their best lives.


Olivia Danmark improves contract management processes with Penneo

With over 1500 employees and up to 30 new employment contracts waiting to be signed every week, executing HR processes smoothly and efficiently quickly became a challenge. Manually preparing, printing, mailing, and signing each employment contract was time-consuming and a waste of resources (paper, ink, postage). As a result, Olivia Danmark’s HR department decided to implement Penneo, a digital signing and data collection software.

Penneo helped Olivia Danmark speed up signature collection time. With Penneo’s solution, the employment contract can be sent in a couple of minutes, attachments included. The candidate receives it digitally and can conveniently sign it on their computer or smartphone. As a result, Penneo frees the candidate from the shackles of printing and scanning since the entire signing process is digital.

Manually keeping track of signed contracts is also a thing of the past for Olivia Danmark. Penneo provides a clear document overview and HR employees can easily see which contracts have been sent, opened, or/and signed. With Penneo, Olivia Danmark can also set up and send automated email reminders for forgetful candidates.


Understanding the needs of employees

The key to building employee trust is to have a good understanding of their needs and challenges. By allocating the time previously spent on manual administrative processes to better understanding and connecting with their employees, Oliva Danmark has significantly improved employee relations.

On top of that, by being able to track the contract status, Olivia Danmark can see if and when the signing process was interrupted. These insights help the HR department get in touch with future employees, have a conversation about the problem, and find the best solution together. Naturally, this builds trust between the company and future employees.



Penneo helped Olivia Danmark build stronger and better relations not only between HR and employees but also between people in need and those willing to help.

With Penneo, Olivia Danmark is able to keep up with a large number of employment contracts. They successfully sent out all the outstanding contracts and attachments. Olivia Danmark cut down costs on paper, ink, and postage and increased productivity. The time they saved is now allocated to better understanding their employees’ needs.

Knowing when the signing process was interrupted allows Olivia Danmark to reach out to future employees and have an open conversation about the challenges they might be facing. As a result, they can understand why the contract was not signed immediately while building trust and improving employee relations.



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