Finezz Accountants offers its clients the possibility to have a 100% digital flow with the help of Penneo and other software partners


The last step in our digitalization process was being able to say that we offer a 100% digital flow. That’s what Penneo made possible. The easier we can make it for our clients to receive, sign, and return documents, the smoother our day-to-day becomes. — Julie van der Mast, Accountant and Director at Finezz Accountants



In recent years, Finezz Accountants has focused on digitalizing the company to streamline processes and make it easier for accountants and entrepreneurs to handle documents.

Manually signing and managing documents was challenging and time-consuming. Needing to print, sign, scan, and share the documents in-person or over email often lead to delays, confusion, and a weaker customer experience overall.



We now use Penneo for onboarding new customers. With Penneo and Anlisa, we can prepare engagement letters and have them signed easily, which makes customer onboarding smoother. — Julie van der Mast, Accountant and Director at Finezz Accountants

Penneo’s open API allows for a wide range of software integrations. Plus, the workflow automation feature makes digital signing faster by ensuring that the recipients will receive and sign the documents in the correct order.

I also really enjoy the email notifications feature. As soon as a customer signs with Penneo, the system notifies us. Because of this, we have significantly increased the ratio of signed documents. — Leen Naeyaert, Partner & trainee certified public accountant at Finezz Accountants

Finezz Accountants



Adopting Penneo has been a crucial step in Finezz Accountants’ digitalization process. The solution has brought them numerous advantages, such as time savings, energy efficiency, better document management, and improved customer response times.

The company estimates that they are saving at least 2000 sheets of paper per year by managing their document signing processes digitally.


About Finezz Accountants

Finezz Accountants is an accounting firm located in Aalter, Belgium. They are a trusted partner for many businesses across different sectors.

Led by Julie Van der Mast, Finezz Accountants has evolved into a forward-thinking company that offers fully digital document flows. The team and Julie’s passion for understanding the challenges faced by entrepreneurs have shaped Finezz Accountants into a valuable resource for businesses seeking financial expertise and guidance.



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