Before choosing Penneo, we researched a few competitors out there. We chose Penneo based on their international presence and API link with Silverfin. We are saving time, paper, reduced our personnel costs so we worry less about follow up. All this, due to automating the processes. – Dieter Coppens, Founder and Managing Partner at BOOKKEEPERS



Before, we had problems getting documents signed back from our clients. We sent out reminders manually. It took a lot of time and money, and wasn’t efficient. – Dieter Coppens, Founder and Managing Partner at BOOKKEEPERS

Before BOOKKEEPERS started using Penneo, 50-60% of documents didn’t get signed due to several challenges. The process was time-consuming, inefficient, and often required multiple reminders. Clients had to print out the documents, manually sign them, scan them, and send them back. The manual back-and-forth not only consumed a lot of time but also led to delays and unnecessary paperwork for the client and the staff at BOOKKEEPERS.



BOOKKEEPERS researched the market for a digital solution and chose Penneo based on its international presence and the integration with Silverfin.

The API with Silverfin made the implementation quick, and in a short time, BOOKKEEPERS experienced a successful start with signing annual reports. This made filing a lot smoother.



With Penneo Sign and the integration with Silverfin, BOOKKEEPERS has improved the document signing process significantly. Within a few minutes, both internal and external documents are signed and returned. The implementation resulted in time savings, efficient follow-ups, and automation of document workflows.

Customers have also expressed enthusiasm for the software, as it eliminated the need for printing, signing, rescanning, and sending documents back.

Penneo has streamlined the document signing process, increased efficiency, reduced costs, and improved the company’s workflow.



BOOKKEEPERS is an accounting firm based in Aalst, Belgium, with a second office in Ghent. The company serves a diverse range of clients, from the creative industry to construction companies.

Bookkeepers provide a high level of services within accounting to their clients in Belgium, and one way they do that is by automating daily work in order to have more time to advise their clients.

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