The COVID-19 pandemic boosted the shift to digital signatures. When meeting in person and sending contracts by mail was no longer possible, many companies turned to digital signatures.

That was also the case for Belgian citizens and businesses. In 2020, the number of signatures made using itsme® increased by 17 times. And itsme® signatures are here to stay, with many having discovered the benefits of handling documents digitally.


What is itsme®?

itsme® is an app that enables users to confirm their identities, approve transactions, and sign documents digitally in a safe and reliable manner. The app is designed with security and convenience in mind, so users only need their smartphone and personal code to sign documents.


Getting started with itsme®

To get started, you’ll have to first download the itsme® app. Then, you can choose whether you want to create an account using your eID or your bank card (with your card reader).

Next, you’ll have to go to and create an identification token to start the sign-up process.

The app will guide you through a number of security steps until you can choose your personal 5-digit code, which you will use going forward for any logins through the app.

And that’s it – your digital identity is then created, and you can start using the app.


What are the advantages of itsme® signatures?

itsme® signatures have four main advantages that make them preferable to handwritten signatures.

1. High security

itsme® uses a combination of three elements to ensure that only you can access and use your data. These elements are:

  • your smartphone
  • the itsme® app
  • your personal code or fingerprint (the code is not stored anywhere, so you are the only one who knows it)

2. User-friendliness

The app can be used by anyone with a smartphone and makes signing very simple. That’s because no matter the organization you’re interacting with, you go through the same four steps:

  • open the app
  • enter your phone number
  • receive a notification
  • confirm the action using a personal code, fingerprint, or face ID

3. Interoperability

Besides signing, users can use the app to authenticate themselves, log into their health insurance fund, confirm payments to their online banks, and much more. All from just one app.

4. Data privacy

itsme® takes users’ privacy seriously. No data is stored on the users’ phones. Instead, it is encrypted and kept in a secure data center in the EU. Additionally, the app is compliant with regulations like eIDAS and GDPR, and is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified.


Are itsme® signatures legally binding?

Yes! itsme® is compliant with the eIDAS regulation. Therefore, digital signatures created with it are valid and legally binding.


Sign PDFs with itsme® via Penneo

Penneo Sign is a digital tool that integrates with itsme®, enabling companies to send, sign, and manage documents digitally.

Signing with itsme® via Penneo is easy, efficient, and secure. Here are some of Penneo’s features that will help you get rid of manual work and automate your document transactions.

Automatic reminders: Never miss a deadline again. You decide how often and when your clients should be reminded to sign.

Custom signing flows: Ensure the correct documents get to the right stakeholders in the specified order.

Audit trail: Get an overview of each step of the signing process to document compliance.

Email templates: Give your client interactions a personal touch by customizing the messaging.

Secure document storage: Never waste time finding documents again. Organize your archive into folders and create a structure that makes sense for your organization

Request a free trial and start signing documents digitally today!



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