itsme® is a significant player among Belgium’s digital signature options, gaining popularity for its reliability and user-friendly interface. With nearly 7 million daily users and expansion into the Netherlands and Luxembourg, itsme® is a key player in transforming how Belgians manage documents and digital transactions.


What is itsme®?

itsme® is an identity and signing solution that provides 4 key services to businesses:

  • Efficient customer onboarding through identification
  • Easy access to services via authentication
  • Clear approval process for transactions with confirmation
  • Safe and easy way to sign documents digitally


Penneo offers QES with itsme® Sign

itsme®’s sign service (itsme® Sign) is a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) that is convenient, secure, and 100% legally valid.

Penneo Sign is upgraded to use itsme® Sign with a gradual rollout to all customers in Q1 2024. With this upgrade, all signatures created in Penneo Sign using itsme® will be qualified electronic signatures (QES).

This is especially relevant in Belgium as the local electronic signature regulations require QES for certain use cases.


What types of documents need to be signed with QES in Belgium?

According to the eIDAS regulation, electronic signatures hold legal validity for all business documents in Belgium. However, specific cases require a qualified electronic signature (QES):

  • Employment contracts (Article 3bis of the Employment Contracts Act)
  • Consumer credit contracts (Article VII.78 of the Economic Law Code)
  • Certain forms, including tax returns and applications, filed with public authorities
  • Formation and modification of articles of association of certain company types (limited liability companies, cooperatives, public limited companies, European companies and European cooperatives)
  • Contracts requiring by law the involvement of the courts, government/public authorities, or professions exercising a public service (e.g., a notary), and documents that would need to be filed with official instances such as the clerk’s office, notary public, bank, etc. (Article 8.15 of the Civil Code – referred to as Authentic Acts)
  • Connecting to government e-services (e.g. my eBox, MyMinFin)
  • Documents related to insolvency proceedings (book XX of the Economic Law Code)
  • Minutes of the meeting approving a merger (Article 12:50 of the Company and Association Code)


Are itsme® signatures legally binding?

Yes! itsme® is compliant with the eIDAS regulation. Therefore, digital signatures created with itsme® are valid and legally binding.


Why choose Penneo Sign?

Penneo Sign is a digital signing solution that makes signing easy, secure, and convenient.

With Penneo Sign, you can sign digitally using national eIDs, automate processes through signing flows, and validate the identity of your signers in an efficient and compliant way.

  • Ensure security and compliance by signing with Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) using itsme®.
  • Streamline work processes by sending documents and attachments for signature to multiple signers all at once, and plan the order in which your stakeholders should sign them.
  • Increase efficiency by using industry-standard automated signing flows or by building custom flows that support all your business needs.
  • Gain a team-player that fits the tech-stack of your entire client lifecycle with Penneo’s open API and out-of-the-box integrations.
  • Improve productivity using Penneo Sign Dashboard and Analytics. Identify bottlenecks and areas for improvement, and allocate resources efficiently.

Request a free trial and start signing documents digitally today!



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